Mozilla Firefox 2013 Free Download English

Mozilla Firefox 2013 Free Download English

The latest update of Mozilla Firefox 19, the most popular web-browser…

Mozilla Firefox 2013 is a worthy expression of Mozilla’s ideals. The browser is competitively fast, sports a minimalist look, and includes some excellently executed features. Unfortunately for the ‘firefox, that describes most of its competition, too. We’ve optimized Firefox 2013 performance to support the way you browse, and with faster start-up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved page load times. Mozilla Firefox 2013 is fast in ways you’ll notice instantly.

Experience Super Speed With Mozilla Firefox 2013

Mozilla Firefox 2013 Life on the go means that more and more people are browsing the Web with Mozilla Firefox 2013 on more than one device. That’s why created Sync to give you constant access to your browsing data, including history, passwords, bookmarks and open tabs, no matter what computer or phone you’re using. Mozilla Firefox 2013 When it comes to browsing, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

You Can Stay In Sync, Very Easy With Mozilla Firefox 2013

That’s why we’ve made sure you can customize Firefox 2013 to your exact needs in pretty much any possible way. Enhance functionality with extensions, add style with Themes or even change the toolbar icons to be just the way you like.

Firefox 2013 Free Download

Customize Your Firefox 2013

We’ve packed Mozilla Firefox 2013 with highly advanced security features to keep you safe while you browse. And, as a non-profit organization, protecting your privacy by keeping you in control over your personal information is a key part of our mission.

Video Instructions To Firefox 2013 And How You Can Make Your Browser Faster

Mozilla Firefox 2013 For those of you who spent last year away from the Internet

Mozilla Firefox 2013 For those of you who spent last year away from the Internet, it’s the year that Mozilla Firefox 2013 went from annual major-point updates to a Chrome-style quick-release cycle. How quick? A new major version number along with a spate of performance and feature improvements lands in the Firefox stable version every six weeks. So, Mozilla Firefox 2013 is on version 14 at the time of this review.

Mozilla Firefox 2013 is currently on 2013 even though

As a point of comparison, Mozilla Firefox 2013 is currently on 2013 even though it only launched in 2008. To put it bluntly: Mozilla Firefox 2013 has benefited from the rapid-release cycle. Both fixes and features get out to users faster than before, Mozilla Firefox 2013 which puts a safer, sleeker browser in your hands with fewer overall problems. A vocal, minuscule minority has pooh-poohed the increase in version numbers of Mozilla Firefox 2013, but that’s hardly a legitimate complaint in a world where mobile apps also update silently and effectively.

There’s a new New Tab page on Mozilla Firefox 2013

Mozilla Firefox 2013 makes a series of visual and performance tweaks that many people will notice instantly. There’s a new New Tab page on Mozilla Firefox 2013 that emulates the frequently visited sites New Tab pages that the competition has had for some time. There’s a redesigned default Home page at about:home that offers large icons to give you easy access to downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, sync, and settings.

Mozilla Firefox has mastered the art of the 100-tab browser

On the performance side, Mozilla Firefox 2013 now has Google’s SPDY protocol on by default. That means that Web sites that support it, such as and, will load faster and safer. SPDY is safer because it forces SSL encryption for all connections. If you’re a tab addict, restarting Mozilla Firefox 2013 will now only load the active tab. Other tabs will be visible and accessible, but they won’t load their content until you click on them. Hands-down, Mozilla Firefox has mastered the art of the 100-tab browser.

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