Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013 FREE | English

Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013 FREE | English

Kate Winslet Hd Wallpaper 2013 Free Download… The Biography  Personal life

The best of the beautiful Kate Winslet in 2013. We have compiled the famous HD wallpaper of all over the World as background images.

“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″ Biography

“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  Born on October 5, 1975, and raised in Reading, England, as the daughter of stage actors and the granddaughter of a repertory theater manager,“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  inherited the “drama bug” from “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  folks. After training exhaustively as a child and securing professional representation “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  went on the air as a spokesgirl for a popular British cereal, and later attended a performing-arts secondary school. Following an early graduation in 1991 (prior to the age of 16), “Kate Winslet”launched her regional stage career, highlighted by roles in adaptations of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole and Peter Pan. It would be difficult to imagine a more auspicious film bow than the role of Juliet Hulme in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures — or a more difficult one. This characterization

“Kate Winslet” Career

“Kate Winslet”that of an extroverted adolescent who constructs an incestuously exclusive fantasy world with“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″best friend (Melanie Lynskey) — put Winslet on the map, and opened the door for follow-ups in international megahits such as Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility (1995), as the willfull, passionate Marianne; and James Cameron’s Titanic (1997), as the object of Leonardo Di Caprio’s affections, Rose DeWitt Bukater. Kate Winslet received dual Oscar nominations “Kate Winslet”for those roles, but, surprisingly, failed to net either one. When it comes to the Oscars, five-time nominee”Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   is always the bridesmaid but (as of yet) never the bride.

But this sexy British thespian — who’s happily married to Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes — was the first actress to snag four Oscar nods before turning 30, due to “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   consistently superlative work. Born to an acting family (her parents, grandparents and sisters are all performers), “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   began training at an early age. At age 19 “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   made a stunning film debut as a frail, romance-obsessed teen driven to murder in Heavenly Creatures. Set in the ’50s, the fantastical film was the first of a series of period pieces for the actress.“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   turn as another “HD Wallpaper2013″lovesick maid in the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s 18th-century novel Sense and Sensibility earned Winslet her first Academy Award and Golden Globe nods and a SAG Award. But it was sexy, Oscar and Globe-nominated performance as a healthy, headstrong society lady in Titanic that would turn “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   into a megastar.



As the female lead in one of the highest-grossing films of all time, the modest “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   was suddenly slapped on magazine covers and found herself idolized and analyzed. Her weight became a constant point of controversy, as “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   was curvier than most of cinematic contemporaries.

But “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  publicly refused to starve herself and even criticized GQ magazine for retouching cover photos to make“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   look thinner. Due to her independent nature, eschewed typical Hollywood fare in favor of quirkier flicks (Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke!) and prestige projects, such as Iris, which again earned her Oscar and Golden Globe nods. At this point,“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″ was divorced from her first husband, assistant director James Threapleton, involved with Mendes and mother to two children.

Understandably, slowed her pace a bit, yet“Kate Winslet” made a marked impression “HD Wallpaper2013″in every movie “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  found time to make, whether it was her endearing turn as an impulsive soul trapped in a dysfunctional relationship with her repressed boyfriend in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (more Oscar and Golden Globe nods) or a friendly widow who befriends the author of Peter Pan in Finding Neverland. In 2006, “Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″   lent her talents to a quartet of projects: Although the remake of All the King’s Men was critically lambasted, and the animated trifle Flushed Away disappeared, the so-so comedy The Holiday proved she could evoke laughs, and her performance as an unhappy housewife involved in a torrid affair in Little Children netted“Kate Winslet HD Wallpaper 2013″  myriad award nominations, including the usual Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG nods.

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