KMPlayer 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

KMPlayer 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

“KMPlayer 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English” …. “KMPlayer”  is a media player that supports most versatile and resourceful and can play many media file formats. Between these formats are VCD, DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and others.

“FREE Video KMPlayer 2013″

Where you can find the program “Album” feature to create and manage your own media albums. “KMPlayer Skins” Favorites, such as support for TV tuner card with a very unique feature of this software on your computer to satisfy all your media needs. Any codec on your system you do not want to create confusion now easily install this program, you can listen to MP3s, watch DVD movies or HDTV-Rip, DVDRip codeclerle prepared, such as DivX, XviD, MKV, you can also watch videos.

“KMPlayer 2013 FREE Download” aside, “KMPlayer” is as good of a media player as it has ever been: the interface is slick and outside of the anomalous “KMPlayer 2013 Download” performance the menu transitions are quite beautiful. “KMPlayer Skins 2013″ has evolved into a basic media center, with large buttons to help you navigate and add your content. The font choices are sometimes inconsistent and rather hard to read, but other than those quibbling details, “Portable KMPlayer” is still the same feature-packed media-playing beast we’ve come to know in the past. The interface also includes some useful buttons like pinning to remain on top of your other open windows, and easily accessible tweaks to adjust your videos. Adjust brightness and contrast settings, rotate moving images, and add effects like motion blur in real time.

“KMPlayer 2013 Full Version” Video Tutorial English

Extra Widgets KMPlayer

“KMPlayer” is like that kid who tries to redefine himself with swag — he’s got a new look and flashy toys that may sound good on paper, but “KMPlayer 2013 FREE Download” falls a bit flat in the execution. The extra widgets and features might grab your attention for a bit, but in the end the “KMPlayer Plus 2013 FREE” service still has a long way to go it’s essentially still in a “proof of concept” stage. However, the core media functions are top notch and the media navigation is a pleasure to use after a bit of setup time.

The “KMP 2013 New Version” interface looks absolutely great. It has the same touch-friendly style found in Windows 8 and Windows Media Center, with a nice use of transparency and animations. However, this approach contrasts with the extremely small playback buttons. Unfortunately, I did not find this interface easy to navigate, and sometimes I just got lost and found no way to get back to the previous screen. As in Windows Media Player, multiple options are available via right-clicking anywhere on the interface. Thus, you can manage subtitles, access the playlist or configure 3D controls. Besides, you can with “KMPlayer 2013 FREE Download” extract audio or video, and take snapshots of the desired frames. With so many options, one could expect comprehensive help documentation. Well, there is none. Instead, the Help button takes you to an online forum. Multiple languages and skins allow you to customize the interface.

Organize Your Media Player With “KMPlayer”

The “KMPlayer Update” goes beyond being a simple media player. Much more than that, it is a librarian that allows you to organize your media contents. In addition, this “KMPlayer 2013 FREE Download”has links to multiple online media services and allows streaming data from them. However, as it is a Korean player, most of these links lead to Korean sites.
To tell you the truth, although I recognize that there are still lots of aspects to improve, The KMPlayer has soon become my favorite player. In my opinion, its main advantage is that it can play virtually every media file and it will free you from worries about codecs and formats.

What’s new in “KMPlayer Version “

Version “KMPlayer Full 2013″ :

  • Added DV file playback function
  • Added support for SIPR Audio Codec
  • Added EVR overlay subtitle function
  • Fixed Playlist window Drag & Drop action error
  • Fixed JPG file saving bug in storyboard function
  • Fixed playback error with specific types of AVI files
  • Fixed AVI file Audio playback error when seeking
  • Fixed infinite loop playback error with damaged AVI files
  • Fixed DIVX(XSub) subtitle scaling in VMR9 Renderless & EVR C/A
  • Fixed freeze error when playing a certain FLV file
  • Fixed Web Search function location bug in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed AlbumArt update error
  • Fixed bug with seeking to beginning of MKV files

Category “KMPlayer New Version 2013″

  • Category – Video Software
  • Subcategory – Video Players

System requirements

  • Operating systems – Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista,                                  Windows XP, Windows NT
  • Additional requirements – Not available

Download information

  • File size – 24.32MB
  • File name – “KMPlayer”

It also functions as damaged or corrupted AVI files playback in the program, sharing encrypted, compressed music albums (zip, rar) in the playback.

Theme completely interchangeable with the support of an advanced and easy to use interface, this player, depending on the type of media you are playing if you want to change skin.

The “KMPlayer Full 2013″ almost want to play media files on your computer contain all the necessary decoder. If you want to, but can not find the codec in its own structure in the external (outer) solvents can provide.

One of the most important features of the “KMPlayer Latest Version 2013″, which supports both internal and external filters with a fully control of the other decoder can be achieved. Stock codeclerle does not require you to install codecs from and most of the media file player with system filters at the same time not mixing their own filters, so that no error or does not lead to confusion.

Codecs and Filters Included “KMPlayer Latest Version 2013″

  • Video Decoder: DivX, XviD, Theora, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP3, VP5, VP6, H263 (+), H.264 (avc1), CYUY, ASV1 / 2, SVQ1 / 3 , MSVIDC, Cinepak, MS MPEG4 V1/2/3, FFV1, VCR1, FLV1, MSRL, QTRLE Huffyuv, Digital Video, Indeo3, MJPEG, MPNG SNOW, TSCC, Dirac, VC-1, RealVideo, SMC, etc.
  • Audio Decoder: AC3, DTS, LPCM, MP2, MP3, Vorbis, AAC, WMA, ALAC, AMR, QDM2, FLAC, TTA, IMA ADPCM, QCELP, EVRC, RealAudio, etc..
  • 2ch -> Multi-channel conversion
  • Registration converter: Built-copy, Gabest’s, Morgan

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