Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Latest FREE Download Full | English

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Latest FREE Download Full | English

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Latest FREE Download Full | English” …. Create with “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ presentations quickly and easily with more engaging results.

Presentation “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ designed to meet your evolving needs and the way you work, “PowerPoint 2010″ makes it easy to create captivating, professional quality presentations.

  • New “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free Download” video tools along with an array of new and improved features such as transitions, animations, and advanced picture editing enable you to tell a crisp, cinematic story that’s as easy to create as it is powerful to watch.
  • “PowerPoint 2010″ Tools to simplify and streamline your work help you get things done more easily whether you’re working on your own or with others.
  •  New technologies give you the freedom to work when and where you choose. It’s easy to take your “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Latest Version Free Download” presentations with you and stay on top of your work when you’re on the go.
  • “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Web App enables you to view a high fidelity version of your presentations, make light edits, or view your presentation slide show. Access some of the same formatting and editing tools that are in “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″, and work in a familiar editing environment, from almost any computer with a Web browser.
  • “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 New Version” gives you a lightweight editor for your presentations that’s especially designed for easy use on your Windows phone. You can even run your slide show right on your phone.

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Video Tutorial English

“Microsoft PowerPoint Online” Picture Editing Tools

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ gives you the freedom to be your own graphic artist with a range of new and improved tools for working with images.

  • Apply all new Artistic Effects, such as paint strokes, line drawing, glass, pencil sketch, and pastels.
  • Explore new correction “PowerPoint 2010 Free Download” tools, including Sharpen and Soften, as well as improved Brightness and Contrast tools.
  • Experiment with new color tools, including Color Saturation and Color Tone, and an improved Recolor tool.
  • Grab only what you want from your image and leave the rest behind with a new Remove Background “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ tool.

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Share

On the left edge of the Ribbon you see the File tab. Just click that tab for an all-access pass that
makes it easier than ever to manage your files and customize your “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ experience.  The new “PowerPoint 2010 Latest Version” Backstage view replaces the traditional File menu to provide a single location for all of  your file management tasks.

  • When you first open “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Backstage view, you’re on the Info tab. From this one location, you can compress and optimize the media in your presentation, view and edit file properties, inspect the presentation for proprietary information you may not want to share, and much more.
  • From the Save & Send tab in Backstage view, you can create a video of your Presentation, or send your presentation as a“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 New Version” attachment, a “PDF”, or an XPS file. You can also save a copy of your presentation to other file types, such as the new “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Picture Presentation that creates a copy of your presentation with each slide as a picture. Or, save your presentation to an online location for access to new collaboration features discussed later in this guide.
  • “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free”, provides a new, integrated print experience with a full slide Print Preview right alongside all of the print options you need.

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ in PDF Format

One of the new “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ features of “Office 2010″ is the ability to save a file in “PDF format” without using the full version of “Adobe Acrobat”. This option is located in the Save & Send command.

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Slide Show

“PowerPoint 2010″Presentations are generally saved as a .pptx file. That is, as a normal “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ presentation file. However, another method to save a file and give it some level of protection is to save it as a .ppsx file, a “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″Show file. This option is available as a 97-2003 show as well. The major benefit to creating a .ppsx file is that the viewer only needs to open the file outside of “PowerPoint 2010 Latest Version Free Download” to automatically start the Slide Show. The viewer then doesn’t need to and can’t see the “inner workings” of the presentation.

“Microsoft PowerPoint Latest Version” English Video Tutorial

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Sounds and Movies

Sounds and movies can be a powerful way of communicating information to the audience. “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ can read a variety of different movie and sound file formats.

  1. Movies: .avi .mpg .mpeg .wmv .wpl
  2. Sounds: .wav .mdi .mp3 .aif

The inserted movie appears as a still frame image. An inserted sound appears as an icon. Sounds and movies can be set to play on the click of the mouse or automatically when the slide appears on the screen during the slide show.

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Install Movies

  • Click onto the slide in which the movie will be inserted
  • Click the Insert tab: Media Clips group, Movie command
  • Select Movie from File
  • Select Movie from Clip Organizer
  • Choose one of the following options for how the movie will play

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″

  • Open the “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 New Version” presentation
  • Click File menu: Save & Send command
  • Select the option for “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Show
  • Click the Save As button
  • Navigate to the preferred folder in which the file will be saved
  • Type a name for the “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free” presentation
  • Click Save

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Video Presentation

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free Download” has a new feature that allows you to create and save a video version of your presentation. This can include slide timings, animations, and narration.This can be a great marketing and self running version of your presentation.

  • Open the “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ presentation
  • Click File menu: Save & Send command
  • Select the option for Create A Video
  • Set any options necessary on the right side of screen
  • Click Create A Video
  • Navigate to the preferred folder in which the file will be saved
  • Type a name for the “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ presentation
  • Click Save

“Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″ Microsoft Word

Although “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Full Version Free Download” provides options to print Handouts and Notes Pages, these options are limited. Using the Create Handouts In Microsoft Word provides more options for layout and printing controls. This includes choosing layouts that are not available in “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010″.

  • Open the “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free” presentation
  • Click File menu: Save & Send: Create Handouts command
  • In the Send To Microsoft Word dialog box, select the preferred layout
  • Click Paste Link updates Word document automatically
  • Save Word document to complete process

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