Microsoft Word 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

Microsoft Word 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

“Microsoft Word 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English” …. “Microsoft Word” is a word processing software package. “Microsoft Word” is a great editor that can help you to save time in creating references and citations. A simple “Microsoft Word” tutorial to give training to beginners to learn from basic office.

What is “Microsoft Word”

Once you have “Microsoft Word 2013″  running, you will notice a completely redesigned toolbar, now known as the Ribbon, with many familiar commands in new places. Instead of the old, gray drop-down menus atop the page, Microsoft’s new and very colorful Ribbon clumps common features into tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View.

About Some “Microsoft Word Free Full Download” tabs don’t show up until you might need them; for example, you must select a picture to bring up its formatting tab. At first, you’ll need to wander around to find what’s moved from prior versions of Word. Clicking the Office logo in the upper-left corner drops down a menu of staple functions such as opening, saving, and printing files–that were under “Microsoft Word”s File menu. Where Can I download“Microsoft Word”

“Microsoft Word” 2013 Video User Guide Tutorial English

Review “Microsoft Word 2013″

We had the hardest time locating commands from “Microsoft Word Latest Version” Editing and Tools menus. To insert a comment in “Microsoft Word”, for instance, you must look under the Review tab instead of the Insert tab. Prepare to relearn Word. Alas, there is no “classic” view to help you make the transition to the 2013 version. While it’s a challenge to upgrade, those learning Word for the first time may find its features easier to stumble upon than they would have with “Microsoft Word”

For instance “Microsoft Word 2013″, the new training  interface better presents page view options that used to be a hassle to get to. From the View tab, now you can simply check a box to see a ruler or gridlines, or click the Arrange All button to stack various open “Microsoft Word” documents atop each other. Although we sometimes mixed up the placement of commands within the Review and References tabs, those features were still easier to find than in “Microsoft Word”.

“Microsoft Word” killed Clippy

“Microsoft Word” placed a lot of emphasis on the wow factor of Office’s galleries of graphics, which share the Aero look of Windows Vista and are found throughout the “Microsoft Word 2013″Office applications. Pull-down menus of fonts, color themes, and images let you preview changes on the page before making them. And thankfully, “Microsoft Word” killed Clippy, the cartoonish helper. Now a less-intrusive quick formatting toolbar shows up near your cursor. Keyboard shortcuts remain the same; pressing the Alt key displays the corresponding quick key for each Ribbon command.

A running training word count is always present in the lower-left corner, and the new slider bar for zooming in and out is a terrific, no-brainer improvement, particularly for the vision impaired.

Rotate, Crop, Skew and 3D Effects with “Microsoft Word”

“Microsoft Word 2013″, it takes just a couple of clicks to insert a JPEG, a GIF, a BMP, a PNG, or another image type. Click the graphic, and the Picture Tools Format tab lets you tweak the brightness, the color mode, and the contrast of a picture.

You can also with “Microsoft Word Free Download”rotate it, crop it, skew its angle, add 3D effects and shadows to its borders, and convert it to all manner of shapes, such as a thought bubble, an arrow, or a star. Options for positioning an image and wrapping text around it are also front and center, which should be helpful for creating professional-looking business documents, as well as casual party invitations.

“Microsoft Word” You don’t get nearly the amount of control offered by Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, or Adobe InDesign, but “Microsoft Word New Version” may do the trick for ultrabasic desktop-publishing needs. For those who don’t need all the formatting choices, we’re glad that “Microsoft Word Free Download”doesn’t apply a complex style to our text by default. In “Microsoft Word”, we’d have to highlight all the text, and then Clear Formatting to remove unwanted indentations and bold letters.

Galleries of Text Styles with “Microsoft Word 2013″

In “Microsoft Word”, Calibri, a crisp, default font, replaces the standard Times New Roman. You can choose with “Microsoft Word 2013 Full Version” from galleries of text styles, such as Emphasis, Strong, or Book Title, and easily create your own styles and set them as a default.  Nevertheless “Microsoft Word 2013″, it’s almost sure that you’ll have to go to the Help menu, at least during your first days of use, for finding out where are the “Save”, Save as” and other features that were part of the menus of earlier versions.

“Microsoft Word” Disadvantage

Another disadvantage “Microsoft Word Free Download” courses that new documents created with “Microsoft Word 2013″aren’t compatible with earlier versions, so if you want to share a document with somebody that doesn’t have “Microsoft Word 2013″, you must save it as a document compatible with Word 97-2003. On the positive side, this new version of Word now incorporates many new Spanish words and synonims, making easier the checking and editing of texts. In short, you must take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of this software before changing your old version.

User Guide “Microsoft Word 2013″

Now that you have an understanding of where things are located, let’s look at the steps needed to create a document

Opening Outlook with “Microsoft Word”

You may have a shortcut to Word on your desktop, if so double click the icon and “Microsoft Word” will open. If not follow the steps below:

  •  Click on the Start button
  •  Highlight Programs
  •  Highlight Microsoft Office
  •  Click on Microsoft Word 2013

How Can I Create a New Document with “Microsoft Word”

  •  Click the File tab and then click New.
  •  Under Available Templates, click Blank Document.
  •  Click Create.

“Micorosft Word” Latest Version Setup Tutorial English

How do I use Templates with “Microsoft Word 2013″

Help “Microsoft Word 2013″ tick allows you to apply built-in templates from a wide selection of popular Word templates, including resumes, agendas, business cards, and faxes. To find and apply a template in Word Office, do the following:

  • On the File tab, click New.
  • Under Available Templates, do one of the following: To use“Online Microsoft Word 2013″ one of the built-in templates, click Sample Templates, click the template that you want, and then click Create. To reuse a template “Microsoft Word Latest Version Free Download”that you’ve recently used, click Recent Templates, click the template that you want, and then click Create.
  • Once you have selected your template you can modify it in any way to create the document you want.

How Can I Open a Document with “Microsoft Word”

  •  Click the File tab, and then click Open.
  •  In the left pane of the Open dialog box, click the drive or folder that contains the document.
  •  In the right pane of the Open dialog box, open the folder that contains the document that you want.
  •  Click the document and then click Open.

How Can I Formate a Document with “Microsoft Word”

Formatting a document can range from modifying text size to adding graphics. It is easy to add creative touches to any document with the options “Microsoft Word 2013 Free Download” has to offer. Modifying Fonts.

  •  Highlight the text you would like to modify.
  •  Click on the drop down arrow of font style and font size and select the changes you would like to make.
  •  While text is highlighted you can also click on the color, bold, italics or underline commands to modify the text even more.

“Microsoft Word 2013″ Full Version Tutorial English

How do I Clear Tab Stops with “Microsoft Word 2013″

You can clear tab stops with “Microsoft Word” tick  in a variety of ways, the simplest is going to the ruler, click and hold on the tab stop and drag in down towards the document. The tab stop will disappear. To quickly clear multiple tab stops and start fresh:

  •  Click the Home tab, click the Paragraph Dialog Box Launcher
  •  A Paragraph box will appear, click on the Tabs button at the bottom left of the dialog box.
  •  A Tabs dialog box will appear.
  •  In the list under Tab stop position, click the tab stop position that you want to clear, and then click Clear. To remove the spacing from all manual tab stops, click Clear All.
  •  Click OK.

How Can I Add Clip Art with “Microsoft Word 2013″

  •  On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Clip Art.
  •  A Clip Art task pane will appear on the right of your screen, in the Search for box, type a word or phrase that describes the clip art that you want.
  •  Click Go.
  •  In the list of results, double click on the clip art to insert it into your document.

How Can I Add Picture from Web with “Microsoft Word”

  •  Open the document.
  •  From the Web page, drag the picture that you want into the Word document

Microsoft Word PROS

  • Its safe and easy
  • It helps with essays
  • Its reliable

Microsoft Word CONS

  • Its not safe or easy
  • It messes up essays
  • So not reliable

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