MSN Messenger for Windows XP 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English

MSN Messenger for Windows XP 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English

Important announcement: Microsoft will replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype. All your contacts will be automatically redirected. Under the official Microsoft web site for more complete information you can.

MSN Messenger for Windows XP

“MSN Messenger for Windows XP 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English” …. ”MSN Messenger” is the Best instant messaging client. You can share “MSN Messenger” photos, videos and transfer files while you chat and can even chat with several people at once.

MSN Online 2013 Free Download

Complete Instand Messanging Software”  “MSN Messenger” the options, then click test, the client will bind to port 1080 and localhost bydefault and connect to the tunnel servers if your settings are correct. Many applications detect Internet Explorer settings. “MSN Messenger 2013″ is no exception. Careful reading andcomprehension of these instructions will enable you to use“MSN Messenger” with HTTP Tunnel using Internet Explorer settings or running “MSN Messenger Free Download” independent of Internet Explorer.

If you have Internet Explorer configured to use either the HTTP or SOCKS settings “MSN Messenger” will detect those settings and will import those settings automatically and you need do nothing. If you want/need to leave Internet Explorer in the ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ you have one optional setting available for Instand Messanging Software”  “MSN Messenger New Version”. You can configure ““MSN Messenger” to use. To do this you must have Internet Explorer in the Automatically Detect Settings. Locate the pull down arrow at the top of “MSN Messenger”and ’Click’ it a pull down menu should appear.

“MSN Messenger Windows XP” Video Tutorial English

How Do I Get “MSN Messenger 2013″

Instand Messanging Software”  “MSN Messenger” you can Select Auto detect if you want Http-Tunnel to detect your settings. Once you have Http-Tunnel installed, run the application, The main window will appear, choose the configure option. There you will be presented with this options.

  •  No Proxy only a firewall if this is appropriate.
  •  Specify Proxy, Here you will enter the IP address and Port number of the proxy that you use.

Romove” MSN Messenger 2013″

Scroll down to Tools another pull down list appears. Scroll “MSN Messenger” down to Options and ‘Click’ it. The Options window should appear. Navigate down until you find the Connection option and ’Click’ it. Locate the ‘Advanced Settings’ radio button and ‘Click’ it. The “MSN Messenger Latest Version” Settings window should appear. In the Settings window fill in the appropriate fields. ‘Click’ on the Test radio button to confirm that your settings will connect to the servers. The Connection Tester window should appear, it can verify your settings and if Instand Messanging Software”  “MSN Messenger”  can make connection. ‘Click the OK’s and Apply as you exit. You can now use “MSN Messenger” just “sign in” as you normally do.

“MSN Messenger Android”

There is also now the option of blocking hidden images in Web-based e-mail–images are typically found in spam e-mail. “Instand Messanging Software” “MSN Messenger Full Version” users can prevent images from loading in the preview pane. One of the more important changes is the addition of a “Feedback” option on “MSN Online Messenger 2013″ menu bar. The feature allows consumers to report problems .”Hotmail” window shows how much online mail storage is available. Other subtle improvisation includes the addition of a search button to the e-mail toolbar and the relocation of the settings option to the bottom left of the screen from the top left. Microsoft also added a drop-down menu to the in-box so that e-mail can be filtered by people the “” user knows.

There is also a range of funny online games that can be played by two or more peers. Some exciting features of “MSN Messenger 2013 Free Download” are the Whiteboard, Remote Assistance and Application Sharing. These “MSN Online” features, only available with  ”Instand Messanging Software” “MSN Messenger” give chatters the opportunity to share data or be part in a remote assistance session with partial or complete control of the target workstation.

“MSN Messenger 2013 Free Download” Video Tutorial English 

How to Install “MSN Messenger 2013 Free Full Download”

Using Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP

  • Download “MSN Online Messenger”
  • Before installing, make sure to read the system requirements found under the “System Requirements” link on this page.)
  • Click the “Save” button in the “File Download – Security Warning” dialog box.
  • In the “Save As” window, navigate to the directory where you want to save the “MSN Messenger” installer and then click the “Save” button.
  • Once the installer file is finished downloading, click the “Open” button in the download progress window. Alternatively, you can find the installer file named Windows XP “Install Messenger” on your computer and double click on its icon to run the “MSN Online Messenger 2013 Free Latest Version Download” Setup Wizard.
  • “MSN Messenger” Setup Wizard will open. Click “Next” to begin the installation progress.
  • Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. If you accept them, click the radio button next to “I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement” and then click the “Next” button.
  • In the “Choose additional features and settings” section, select any features or settings you want. Then click Windows XP “Next” again.
  • Wait for “MSN Messenger Latest Version Free Download” to install and then click the “Next” button.
  • A screen will appear that says “MSN Messengers” has been installed.” Click the “Close” button to exit the setup wizard.
  • “MSN Messenger” will automatically open. If you need a Windows Live ID, necessary to use “Windows Live Mail”, click the “Get a new account” link at the bottom of the Windows Live Messenger window.
  • Internet Explorer will open with a secure “Windows Live ID” sign up page. Click the orange button that says “Sign Up.”
  • Fill out the  ”Instand Messanging Software“ “Windows Live ID” sign up form. Once you’ve completed the form and read the Windows Live Mail Services Agreement and the Privacy Statement and if you agree to them, click the “I Accept” button.
  • Click “Yes” to close any “Security Alert” warning you may get when leaving a secure Internet connection and then you will be presented with a “Congratulations” page for successfully signing up for a Windows Live ID.
  • Go back to the Instand Messanging Software”  “MSN Messengers 2013″ window and enter the e-mail and password for your “MSN Messenger ID”account and then click the “Sign In” button.

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