Picasa 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

Picasa 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

“Picasa 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English” …. Picasa is among the best in image viewer category. Include “Picasa” Web Albums in your application or website.In fact “Picasa”, it allows you to find, edit and share all images that you have on your computer.

“Picasa” User Guide

“Picasa Web Albums” is Google’s Web photography website hosting service. Users get 1GB of free image and hosting website, and images can be uploaded and manipulated using “Picasa”, Google’s free desktop photo management application. Users who want additional storage can shell out up to $500 a year to bump up the image and pictures hosting website space to 400 times the size of the free hosting service. Much like everything else Google,“Picasa 2013″ is exceptionally straightforward to use, with a tabbed interface offering three options–My Photos, Favorites, and Explore the last of which lets you browse the public photo library.

Next to the tabs, you’ll find a prominent Upload button for adding photos to your albums, which you can set to various levels of privacy. Within your “Best Picasa” online albums, you have the option to view a slideshow, share via e-mail, make a collage or movie, order prints, and edit various aspects.

“Picasa 2013 Full Version” Video Tutorial English

Install “Picasa”

When you first install “Picasa Free Download”, it scans folders on your hard drive and displays any detected photography website hosting. These folders, along with the customized albums you create, make up the organization of your photos within “Google Picasa”. Within your folders and albums, “Picasa” displays icons on your images to help you quickly see which photos have been uploaded, marked as a favorite, geo-tagged, and more.

Folders with “Picasa”

Folders represent actual directories on your computer’s hard drive that contain image and hosting website. Changes you make to folders in “Picasa 2013″ affect corresponding folders on your computer’s hard drive. For example, moving a photo from one folder to another in “Picasa Online Photo Album will also move the photo books in Windows Explorer (Windows).

 Create with “Picasa” a New Album

  1.  Create a new album. First, select one or more online photos album (you cannot create an  empty album). Select“File” > “New Album” to create a new album in “Picasa 2013 Free Full Download” containing the selected photo(s). You can dothe same thing by choosing a photo, clicking the “Add to” button to the right of the Photo Tray, andselecting “New Album” on the popup list.
  2.  Add a photo to an existing album. The same photo can be assigned to many albums in  “Picasa”.Select a photo, click the “Add to” button to the right of the Photo Tray, and select an existing albumfrom the popup list.
  3.  Change an album description. Double­click on the title of any album to open the “AlbumProperties” box. Enter a new description for the album. You can also modify the album’s date, placetaken, or description. Any descriptive information you add will be searchable in  “Picasa Latest Version”. When you’redone, click the “OK” button.
  4.  Delete a photo from an album. Select a photo. Right­click with your mouse and select “Removefrom Album” in the context menu or press the Delete key on your keyboard. Note: Deleting a photofrom an album does not delete the original file from your computer’s hard drive.
  5.  Rearrange picture album in an album or between albums. Click and drag a photo to change its orderwithin a album or drag it into another picture album to add it to that album. This doesn’t affect the order inwhich the original files are stored on your computer.
  6.  Note: An album in “Picasa New Version” is not the same as a  “Picasa” Web Album. The Album collection does notshow you the photos you may have uploaded to the web.

Importing Photos with “Picasa”

  • Of course, not all your photos reside on your computer. You can import photos into  “Picasa 2013 Free Download” from many sources, including cameras, CDs, memory cards, scanners, webcams, and more.
  •  From within  “Picasa”, click the Import button.
  •  Select your device or folder from the drop-down menu (your camera should automatically be detected). To help you import images from a particular day or event, “Picasa” segments your images according to the time period in which they were taken. Each group of images in the import window will be marked by a clock icon.
  •  Select the specific photos you’d like to import, or choose all. These photos will be saved on your computer and displayed as a new folder in  “Picasa”.

Printing Photos with “Picasa”

  1. In the era of digital pictures, sometimes it’s gratifying to see and hold a hard copy of a photo.  “Picasa” makes it easy to print your photos at home or order prints online through your choice of print providers.
  2. The Print button lets you print your selected photos using a local or networked printer. You can select a print layout size, such as 4 x 6 or wallet size, and Flickr “Picasa” will automatically size your selected photos to those proportions. Opt to include a border or your photo captions. These print layout options make it easier to print multiple photos on one page.
  3. Click the Shop button (Windows only) to access a list of  “Online Photo Album Picasa” online print providers. After you sign in to the provider’s website,  “Picasa” will automatically upload all of your selected photos to the print provider’s website, enabling you to order prints as you wish.

Pros  “Picasa”

  •  “Picasa Online Photo Album” Flickr makes it possible to organize images anyway you want, in separate albums, without affecting their locations, or other aspects, on the hard drive. The interface has a comfortable design. It is very well organized, so if you need to use a specific feature, you will always find the right options close by.

Cons  “Picasa”

  • Advanced users may not be satisfied with  “Picasa” editing options.
  • You only need to use  “Picasa” for a few minutes to realize that you will not find another software which offers the same flexibility and simplicity when it comes to organizing images.

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