QuickTime 2013 Latest FREE Download | English

QuickTime 2013 Latest FREE Download | English

“QuickTime 2013 Latest FREE Download | English” ….  ”QuickTime” is the best free Media Player worldwide, not only for Apple, also for Windows users. “QuickTime” lets you view Internet video, HD movie trailers and personal media.

Software “QuickTime Player 2013 Free Download”

Its few quirks are quickly offset by the elegant Apple interface and the top-notch audio/video playback quality. “QuickTime 2013 Player Latest Version Free Download” comes in two varieties. The free “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” standard player handles popular audio, graphic, and video formats, including the much-ballyhooed H.264 and MPEG-4.

“QuickTime 2013 Free Download”  Video Tutorial English

Apple iPhone “QuickTime 2013 Free Download”

“QuickTime 2013 Free Download”  Also, for $29.95, you can upgrade to the content creation friendly Pro version, which adds features such as full-screen playback, easy editing, H.264/MPEG-4 production, and the ability to save movies from the Web. MPEG-2 support is available, but at an additional cost of $19.95. “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” High-definition content looks impressive with the new H.264 codec, but hardly better than with similar offerings from Microsoft. The stylish transport controls and the friendly layout work well.

Inclusion of the autoupdate and automatic-network-detection features make getting started and staying current easy. The Trailer “QuickTime 2013 Full Version Free Download” family of digital media creation, delivery and playback software lets you deliver live or pre-recorded video and audio to an audience of any size. When combined with “QuickTime Player” and “QuickTime Pro”, these applications work together to provide the industry’s first end-to-end, cross-platform, standards-based digital media Streaming delivery system.

QuickTime 2013 Latest Version Free Download

QuickTime 2013 Latest Version Free Download

Hoc Can I Install “QuickTime 2013 Free Download”

  • Click on the“QuickTime Player 2013 Free Download” application in the Dock at the bottom ofthe screen. It is the Q-shaped icon.
  • After “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” opens,choose File > New Audio Recordingfrom the File menu. You will see awindow that has a red Record button.
  • Just click the black Record button torecord. You will see the timer on theleft start increasing as well as the sizeindicator on the right. Click the black Stop button to stop recording. The microphone is the small white circle at the top center of the computer next to the camera.
  • Once the recording is complete, anew “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” window willappear. To Play, Rewind, FastForward, or go to the Beginning or End of the file, click on the appropriatebuttonIf you want to record it again, chooseFile > New Audio Recording from theFile menu and click on New AudioRecording. This will open a newrecording window.
  • If you want to edit “QuickTime 2013 New Version Free Download”  the recording,you can click on the In and Outselection markers. The space between the markers shows the selection portionof the recording. To play this selection,choose View > Play Selected Recording. You can move the In and Out selection markers to narrow orwiden the amount of the recording you want to save. To save just the selected part, choose Edit > Trim to Selection. This will crop the recording to onlyinclude the recording between the twomarkers.
  • To save, go to the File menu andchoose Export. Do NOT chooseSAVE.
  • In the Export window, select Movie to MPEG-4 in the pop-up menu. Typein the name of your file followed by the.mp4 extension in the Save As field.Click on the Save button. You havenow saved your file to the desktop.Then you can close the “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” window. Do NOT save changes.You already saved by exporting toMP4. If you want to save it to disk, copy it toyour memory stick, send it to yourselfin an e-mail, or save it to your WebSpace.

“QuickTime” Copying, Cutting and Deleting

Once you’ve figured out how the In and Out markers work, it’s time to do some basic editing. This, for many users, constitutes the bulk of what they will be doing in “QuickTime 2013 Free Download” . For basic editing functions,“QuickTime 2013 Player Latest Version Free Download”  makes use of the same shortcut keys as many other applications, such as Microsoft Office and many Internet browsers.

  • Copy = Command-C
  • Cut = Command-X
  • Paste = Command-V
  • Undo = Command-Z
  • Select All = Command-A
  • Create new file = Command-N
  • Save = Command-S

“QuickTime 2013 Free Download”  Cutting

Follow the same directions as for copying above, using Edit > Cut or Command-X.

“QuickTime Player 2013 Free Download”  Deleting

You can delete a segment by choosing Edit > Delete or by simply hitting delete on your keyboard.

 ”QuickTime 2013 Free Download” Troubleshooting

  • Select “Preferences” from the “QuickTime Player New Version 2013 Free Download”  menu
  • Select the Recording button at the top of the window and confirm that the preferences are configured correctly:
  • Video Source and Microphone should be set to your video camera.
  • Quality should be set to Better or Best. Save files to should be set to “Movies”
  • It is very important that this NOT be set to “Desktop” since that would cause the files to transfer into your network space. If you need to adjust the setting, click on the drop-down menu and select “Other” and navigate to the “Movies” folder which is located in your user home directory.

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