Safari 2013 Free Download

Safari 2013 Free Download

Safari-Browser 2013 for Windows dramatically changed the nature of the browser from something of an unfinished curiosity to an alternative with seriously quick chops. Safari 2013 lacked many of the customization features that define most other browsers, but certain unique default features, such as the visually impressive, Cover Flow-inspired Top Sites and history viewing, made it worth checking out for more users besides just browser enthusiasts and jaded reviewers.

A New Reader Option That Streamlines How You Read Articles

Though Safari 2013 continues the push for speed, able to surpass (by some tests) bleeding-edge JavaScript engines from Google and Opera, Apple continues to place feature development farther down the totem pole of importance. That doesn’t mean that Safari 2013 new features have been ignored. There’s the new Reader option that streamlines how you read articles, broader support for HTML5, default support for searches on Bing, and performance improvements. However, the biggest new feature of them all–Extensions–won’t be available until later this summer according to Apple, and depending on what you’re looking for in a browser, Safari 2013 Free can be seen as lacking many helpful options.

Video Instruction And Extensions For Safari Browser 2013

Safari 2013 Free 5 is easy to install

Safari 2013 is easy to install, although the time it takes to run the installer feels longer than its major alterna-browser competitors of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It updates using the Apple Software Updater, which may opt you in to other Windows-based Apple programs when it detects an update. Safari 2013 does not come with an uninstaller, and so it must be removed using the default Windows Add/Remove Programs tool or a third-party remover.

Safari 2013 Free Download

 Safari-Browser 2013 Faster Page Load And Vastly Improved HTML5 Support

Things have changed a lot since then however and Safari 2013 Browser sees some exciting introductions such as a new Reader icon for easier reading in one page, faster page load times and vastly improved HTML5 support. Safari-Browser 2013 can all of the previous features such as tabs on top for easier page management and Cover Flow to flip through your bookmarked sites iTunes style have been retained too.

If You’re New To Safari-Browser 2013

If you’re new to Apple Safari-Browser 2013, the first thing you’ll notice is how clean it feels compared to many other browsers. There are no annoying toolbars or plugins installed and the result of this is that Safari-Browser 2013 looks trim and loads pages very quickly. The other benefit is that maximum space is given to the contents of your page rather than a chunky browser.

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