Samsung Kies 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English

Samsung Kies 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English

“Samsung Kies 2013 Latest FREE Download Full | English” …. “Samsung Kies” is a software for Samsung mobile phones.  You can “Samsung Kies” use as a Web browser to connect to your Samsung smartphone or tablet and manage its content.

PC Software Installation

  • Download and Install “Samsung Kies” on your PC
  • Search for your Mobile Device (example Samsung GALAXY S II), Select the applicable
  • Firmware Upgrade link and then ‘Download Kies

You may have already acquired and installed an earlier version of “Kies 2013″ backup via a CD or via a previous download from the Internet. If so, please uninstall the earlier version and install the latest version available via the link above.

  •  Restart your PC for all changes to be applied
  •  Run “Kies”
  •  If prompted to update to a later version of “Kies” proceed with the update

“Samsung Kies 2013″ Video Tutorial English

Device Backup

  • Run “Kies”
  • Turn handset on and connect to the PC using a USB cable
  • If prompted to upgrade device firmware select ‘Cancel’ Select your mobile device under ‘Connected Devices’ in the top left hand corner of “Kies”
  • Select ‘Backup/Restore’ tab

Place a tick in “Kies 2013 Free Download”‘Select all items’ checkbox or manually select items requiring backup by placing a tick in each item. Select ‘Back up’ to begin. Select ‘Complete’ when ‘Data successfully backed up’ message is displayed. Exit “Kies”

Backup with “Kies Air”

“Kies Air” makes it simple to transfer media files, play content, and music between your mobile device and a browser on the same wireless network. “Kies New Version Free Download” keeps your device firmware updated whenever you connect, and includes personal information management software to help manage private data such as contacts brought over through Microsoft Outlook. When connected, “Kies” automatically notifies you of new firmware version. Add and edit contact of mobile on “Kies 2013 Full Download” conveniently and sync contacts with those of Outlook, Google, or Yahoo. It is rather easy to use, however if you encounter any difficulties you can always view its tutorials. They are very nicely made and explain the most basic functions the library has. If you’re looking Android for some of the more advanced features, you can find them in the help section, which is again, very well-organized.

“Kies” App Backup

The “Kies 2013 Free” interface has a simple design and it is very intuitive to use. The developer really tried to keep things as simple as possible. For example, the video converter is very nicely designed. Some videos might require a conversion before you can play them on your device. Instead of showing all the video formats “Kies” supports, it only shows the ones which are compatible with the device that’s currently connected to your computer. Another great thing about the Android program, is that it offers a lot of support. Each time you connect a device to your PC, it will automatically search for new firmware and driver updates. You can also “Kies 2013 Free Download” use it to back up your device, and also restore it to an earlier state.

Samsung Key Features

Data backup: this application allows its users to create backup of data. In fact, it is copying data files physically to a removable storage device so that the data can be stored in another location to better protect them and recover them if needed.

File exchange: by using “Samsung Kies”, users can exchange some multimedia files between the Windows or Mac PC and a Samsung mobile device. This can be extremely practical if you want to copy some mobile files from your computer.

Synchronization: it syncs contacts with those of Google, Yahoo or Outlook. For that, you can create your own favorite music playlist and Sync them with your mobile. Apart from that, “Samsung Kies 2013″ also lets you synchronize photos, music and videos. There is a link to the Samsung Apps store where you will discover numbers of tools for your mobile.

Update notification: when connected “Kies”, the application notifies its users automatically of new firmware version. You can improve your version with a newer one easily.

Multimedia management: also having a feature of multimedia management, its users can display images as thumbnails, playback of audio files, manage photo albums, visualize video, creating slide shows, etc.

Supported devices: here are some of them: Samsung Wave, Samsung Jet Ultra Edition, Samsung Galaxy Portal, Samsung Omnia Lite, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Omnia Pro B7320, Samsung Omnia Pro B7330, Samsung Omnia Pro B7610, Samsung Omnia II

“Kies 2013 Free Download” Video Tutorial English

Firmware Upgrade

  •  Turn on your handset (enter the SIM PIN if required).
  •  Run “Kies” and connect your handset to the PC using a USB cable
  •  A notification message for firmware upgrade will now be seen. Select ‘Update’ to proceed.
  •  Select ‘Start Upgrade’ to begin the upgrade process after confirming that you have read all of the displayed information
  •  The “Kies” upgrade will begin by updating any required Plug-Ins
  •  The upgrade tool will now start downloading the updated software from the Samsung “Kies” server. IMPORTANT: Please do not unplug your device during this process.
  • The upgrade tool will now start upgrading the mobile device using the downloaded software. IMPORTANT: Please do not unplug your mobile device during this process.
  • After the “Kies 2013 Free” upgrade is complete the mobile device will power OFF and power back ON (this may take a few minutes).

Restore Device Backup

  •  Run “Kies”
  •  Turn mobile device on and connect to PC using USB cable
  •  Select your mobile under ‘Connected Devices’ in the top left hand corner of “Kies”
  •  Select “Kies 2013″ ‘Backup/Restore’ tab
  •  Select ‘Restore’
  •  Select the backup file to be used
  •  Select ‘Next’ then“Kies” ‘Start Restore’ to begin restoring device backup
  •  Data restore complete’ will be displayed when the process is complete. You can now disconnect your mobile  device from the PC.

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