Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English

“Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Full Latest FREE Download | English” … Bring your memories to life! Select photos and videos from within Photo Gallery. To Create, edit and view digital movies in Windows, you must download “Windows Live Movie Maker”.

Install and Update Windows Live Movie Maker

Like Microsoft Office apps, “Windows Live Movie Maker 2013″ tucks its actions and menus into a visual ribbon. You’ll get started dragging and dropping video clips and photos into the storyboard. You could finish a minute later with a click of the AutoMovie button, which populates the movie with a title, transitions, and pan and zoom effects.

It’ll also “Windows Live Movie Maker” prompt you to add a song from the hard drive. Automating movies is handy, especially for time-restricted users. After all, you can always tweak later with the help of the menu tabs. The “Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Full Free download” intermediate photo-, audio-, and film-editing features are sparse you can split and trim videos with “Windows Live Movie Maker”, fade songs in and out, and pick a start and end point for audio and video.

The publishing and sharing “Windows Live Movie Maker” options are better thought out. “Windows Live Movie Maker” can e-mail a finished video, burn it to DVD, or upload it to YouTube or Facebook (with a plug-in). Videos also save in HD format for your TV (standard or wide screen), and can convert to a mobile-phone-friendly format.

“Windows Movie Maker” 2013 Video Tutorial English

Windows Live Movie Maker for XP

“Windows Live Movie Maker XP” is so easy a child could use it an incredibly patient child born to filmmaker parents who didn’t mind restarting this application every few minutes. From the “Windows Live Movie Maker Latest Version” get go, you get the feeling that this isn’t going to be an easy program to like; Microsoft’s installer doesn’t play nice. It gives the user no input on “Windows Live Movie Maker XP Free Download” program location or other options.

The plain interface promises simplicity with drag-and-drop storyboard options, though during testing, it was more like drag and freeze. The “Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Full Version Download” program typically froze while importing MPG video files. If importing worked, “Windows Live Movie Maker” would quit responding when clips were placed on the storyboard. On the rare occasion that our testers made it to the storyboard, the program “Windows Live Movie Maker” would freeze when adding one of the numerous effects.

There were so many hurdles to creating a short video that no editing seemed preferable to using this software. What’s more, uninstalling the “Windows Live Movie Maker” program was even more tedious than installing it. It should be no surprise, then, that we can’t recommend this freeware for any user.

Windows Live Movie Maker for Vista

“Windows Live Movie Maker Vista” gives you the tools to create, edit, and share home movies. Compile and edit a movie from video clips with drag-and-drop functionality. Add special effects, music, and narration with ease. Share your “Windows Live Movie Maker 2013″ movie over the Web or master it to DVD media.

You can also save your “Windows  Movie Maker” back to the DVD tape in your camera.You can also share your home movies on your computer. With this tool it is easier; to make changes in your movie by editing some shots, drag and drop certain clips in your movie, cut boring and bad shots and keep the best shots with you, transfer the “Windows Live Movie” into a CD, share your movie on web, mail the movie if you want, and also convert your movies into DVD.

After you have done with your changes of the “Windows Live Movie Vista Free Download” you can again save it back on your video tape or camera so that you are able to see it on your TV sets. But you have to note one thing if you have vista in your computer then you will not be able to run the vista version of this software.

Make a movie with Windows Live Movie Maker

Import: For some reason, “Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download” can’t import your video from your video camera. You must import it through “Windows Live Photo Gallery”, instead.

Edit “Windows Live Movie Maker”: This step combines your video clips, music, and pictures into a structured movie. Edit each clip down to its best moments and add transitions between the clips the way one clip fades into the next. Toss in a soundtrack, as well.

Publish “Windows Live Movie Maker”: When you finish editing, “Movie Maker” combines your batch of clips or photos into a complete movie, ready to be played back on your computer or saved to a DVD.

Creating movies requires a lot of free hard drive space. A 15-minute movie can consume 2.5GB. If “Movie Maker” Create DVD complains about space, you have two choices: Create smaller videos or upgrade your computer with a second hard drive.

Import, Trim, Split and Arrange with Windows Live Movie Maker

“Windows Live Movie Maker 2013 Free Download” is an easy to use and fun way of turning your video clips into engaging movies. This freely available software allows you to import your video, trim, split and arrange it in any way you want. By adding transitions, video effects, music and titles you can give your “Best Windows Live Movie” that professional touch. Creating movies can be used to support a wide variety of subjects and cross-curricular areas in both Primary and Secondary. The course is aimed at total beginners who have no previous knowledge of video editing.

“Windows Live Movie Maker” Free Video Tutorial English

Save your Windows Live Movie Maker Movie

When you’ve finished editing your clips into a movie, click any icon in the Sharing section of the “Windows Live Movie Maker” toolbar.

  • Click the main file menu button and then click Save Project As
  • Type in a meaningful name for the project and then click Save
  • Click the Home tab and then click
  • Add Videos and Photos
  • Now browse to your external storage device, select the file(s) you would like to import, and click Open
  • Alternatively, you can also just drag and drop video edit clips and photos into
  • “Windows Live Movie Maker” from a file browser window of your external storage device

“Windows Movie Maker” Adding Transitions

  • Select the Animations tab. However your mouse over any transition to preview it on your clip.
  • Once you have chosen a transition, click on the beginning of the video clip or photo that you want to add the transition to. Then click the transition you want, to apply it.

“Windows Movie Maker” Adding Captions

  • Click on the “Windows Live Movie Maker New Version” photo or clip that you want the caption to be on. Then click on the Home tab, and then click Caption. A text box will appear on the lower part of your image or video. Click inside the text box and enter your text.

Upload your “Windows Movie Maker” Movie in these formats

  1. YouTube: Click this icon to log on to your YouTube account and post your final “Windows Live Movie” for the world to see
  2. High-Definition (1080p): Choose this if you intend to watch the movie only on high-definition TVs
  3. DVD: This option saves your “Windows Live Movie” as a WMV file and then loads the file into the “Windows DVD Maker” program for you to finish the DVD-creation process
  4. High-Definition (720p): This saves the movie in a lower-quality high-definition format
  5. Wide-Screen (480p): Choose this to play the “Movie Maker” on a wide-screen TV
  6. Standard Definition: This option works well for viewing on older TVs
  7. Portable Device or Mobile Phone: This option creates a small file for playback on portable gadgets like the Zune or cell phones. (The program can’t save videos in a format for playing back on an iPod.)
  8. E-Mail or Instant Messaging: This option creates a tiny, low-quality “Windows Live Movie Maker” able to be sent through e-mail

After you choose an option, type in a name, and click Save, Windows creates your “Movie Maker”, choosing the appropriate file size and quality for the destination you choose.

Split Video Clips “Windows Movie Maker”

  • Drag and drop with the “Windows Live Movie Maker” clips into the timeline.
  • Drag the black bar where you want to split the clips.
  • Go to the “Windows Live Movie Maker” Edit tab and click Split

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